Get Your Build Slot In NOW! Winding Road Race Services Accepting Spec MX-5 Build Slots

By Winding Road Staff

October 20, 2020


Winding Road Race Services is now accepting orders for fall 2020 build slots for new Spec MX-5 race cars to be completed in time for testing and the 2021 race season.

Experience: Winding Road Race Services is the largest builder of Spec MX-5 cars in the U.S. Over 25% of all Spec MX-5s built to date were done by Winding Road.

Success: Winding Road cars have won the Central Series Spec MX-5 Challenge Championship, the National Spec MX-5 Challenge Championship and are currently leading the National and Invitational Championship points in 2020.

The base price of $49,850 is for a race-ready build
• Reliability and Performance option packages are available at additional cost



Spec MX-5 racer Drake Kemper on why this potent, fast, and sturdy platform should be considered by anyone looking for a solid platform to race:

“The NC-based Spec-MX5 is a wonderful addition to club racing. Not only is the car a great platform that is easy enough for beginners, but it’s a real challenge to figure out all of the quirky nuances for the advanced racers. At no point is it boring; between the fantastic wheel-to-wheel battles, to the very strict rule set, Spec-MX5 makes the PERFECT middle step in between Spec Miata and MX-5 Cup. Also: the single-adjustable shocks and limited adjustments you can make to the car make learning setup changes an easier transition for those who don't have the experience. The only downside to this class is there aren’t 30 cars in out there in one event just yet! When this class is fully-fielded it will likely be the best club racing experience in the US.”


Basic Build Specifications:

Built from clean southern donor
TIG-welded roll cage
Paint color from 10 OEM and race-specific colors
Mazda Motorsports spec engine
Roush cylinder head
Mahle pistons
Mazda Motorsports cold air intake
Spec race ECU
ACT race clutch
Spec headers
C&R radiator
Mazda Motorsports exhaust
Penske spec shocks
Eibach spec springs
Eibach spec sway bar and end links
Wheel studs
MPI seat and bracket
MPI wheel/hub
Sabelt Harness
Window net
Lifeline mechanical fire system
Aluminum bulkhead
Aluminum transmission tunnel cover
Race hard top
Tow straps
Kill switch



Reliability package:

Race transmission
Replacement rotors
Caliper rebuild
Rebuilt LSD
Grille mesh
RX-8 diff brace
RX-8 hubs
and more

Performance package:

Race battery and battery relocation kit
AIM MXL2 dash
AIM SmartyCam GP HD
Lexan windshield
Headlight delete
Radio delete
and more
Rays wheels

Livery options:

NC3 bumper cover
Paint to any PPG code
Contrasting interior/exterior colors
Paint minus bumper covers
Contrasting top paint
Series decal installation
Custom cut vinyl
Coordinated custom race suit design
Spec MX-5 Series apparel with custom team logo


For more information on the Spec MX-5 Challenge Series, and why it lends itself to some excellent, up-close racing: