Fun, Fun, Fun: Electric Track Day With 50 Tesla Model 3s

By Winding Road Staff

January 30, 2019

Track days are a lot of fun. Our experience is that Teslas, including the Model S and the Model 3 are a lot of fun. Combine the two and you would seem to get something good. Fun squared?

Tesla Corsa, a track day experience for Tesla Model 3 owners, apparently thought the same thing. They put together a track day at Buttonwillow Raceway Park (a fun track, so now we're up to fun cubed?). Tesla owners got to see whether massive low-end torque and low CG plus a luxury sedan and street tires really add up to fun. As described in this video, apparently it did:

We also noted that the FTD for this event was a 2:05. They were using Buttonwillow's 13CW layout (a good choice), so being the data nerds that we are, we thought we'd see how those times stack up:

  • Tesla Model 3 (street tires): 2:04.8
  • Spec Miata lap record: 2:05.0
  • American Iron (Mustang) lap record: 1:56.1

We say the Tesla time is pretty good, considering that it is on street tires and that it isn't a lap record (hundreds or thousands of laps on many different days with a variety of drivers taking a shot) and we're comparing it to race cars.

For more information on the event, check out Electrek's coverage HERE.