Finally An Open Trailer Designed For Low Cars

By Winding Road Staff

October 11, 2017

If you have a low front clearance race car like a Porsche GT3 Cup or a Radical SR3, you know that getting it on to your trailer can be a pain. You need Race Ramps and lots of wood and you have to search for the right parking lot slope.

We were recently introduced to the Futura, an articulated power-lowering and sloping trailer that addresses this problem. The Futura, which is designed and manufactured in New Zealand, adjusts itself to a 3 degree approach angle. This works for many low clearance production cars and helps a lot with super low sports racers or formula cars. For example, while the GT3 Cup is a 2.5 degree car, it makes it on to the Futura with no ramps or wood thanks to a flexible front splitter which just touches the bed upon entry. Note that the Futura's secret is that the bed doesn't just tilt, it is also lowered by the winch mechanism. Check out the video at the bottom of the page to see the Futura in operation.

The Futura also includes a second winch for pulling your car onto the trailer, a tire rack for carrying your tires and a solar panel for keeping the winch battery charged. The aluminum Futura weighs 1300 lb and is priced at $9995 for the 16'5" x 78.75" bed. With the extra winch, tire rack, solar panel and stone guard as shown here the price is $11,995. That's more than typical aluminum trailer, although once you price those with all the extras, including delivery, the difference shrinks. The Futura also can be built with a 19'8" x 78.75" bed if you have a really big car. The low weight, combined with a light car like a Spec Miata or a Radical, probably allows towing even by smaller SUVs.

For track days especially, this seems like a very convenient solution if you're running a low car.

For more information on Futura trailers in the U.S. contact Juliann Pokorny: