Driver-Passenger Race Communications: Racecom Trac-com Intercom

By Luciana D'Andretta

May 26, 2017

In this week’s product spotlight, we talk about Racecom’s Trac-com Intercom, a 2-way intercom system that is great solution for student/instructor communications:

Racecom’s Trac-com Intercom is a full duplex system, meaning it allows students and instructors hear themselves and each other while driving. It also has dual volume control, so drivers can adjust the volume for both the student and instructor.

Another great feature of the Trac-com Intercom is its helmet communication adaptability. Trac-com Intercoms can be used with professional helmet kits with added adapters (NASCAR, Stilo, IMSA). Student headsets are also available.

Retailing at $125.00, the Racecom Trac-com Intercom is available at and our four retail locations nationwide.

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