Comfort/Involvement Index: 2012 BMW 328i Sport Line

By Winding Road Staff

May 18, 2012

Car: 2012 BMW 328i Sport Line

Involvement: 76
Variety: ***
Controls: **
Drivetrain: **
Handling: ***
Character: **
Involvement Notes: Only a lack of steering feel lets down the 3-Series legend in this sixth generation. Good power from the turbo four, with subtle, adjustable, sports sedan handling. We were happily surprised to find that the sonic profile, while a world away from the song of the outgoing inline-six, is pretty meaty and fun to hear. Turn all of the electronic stability aids off, and the 328i really shows its inherent balance, and becomes a surprisingly willing car to chuck around.
Comfort: 78
Visibility: **
Space/Seating: **
Ride/Handling: ***
Acoustics: **
Controls: ***
Comfort Notes: Tons of standard/available luxury features, nice seating and surfaces, and excellent ride quality. The basic 3er is an entry-lux standard.
We're intrigued by the new designs, in wood and metal, for the trim pieces of the cabin. Overall the interior should take some plaudits from those who've spent the last decade praising Audi interior treatment.
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