Car Stuff: Febreze Car Vent Clip

By Seyth Miersma

February 13, 2012

Car Stuff is a mini review feature, where we test out cool, interesting, strange, or even borderline-insane products that are aimed at drivers of all stripes. Have you seen or heard of a product that you’d like us to sample? Feel free to drop us a line at with a link, description, or press release of the Car Stuff in question, and we’ll let rip.
Every day when we get the mail, there’s a better-than-average chance that we’re going to get something that’s at least a little bit interesting. Sure, we get the same fliers, catalogs, and various types of junk mail that you all do, but we also get cool car-relevant stuff to share.
A good case was the box we received today, completely un-asked for mind you, that had a sample “kit” of sorts for a new car-freshening product, Febreze Car Vent Clip.
Certainly you all have heard of, and probably used some kind of Febreze by now; the freshening, sanitizing, air-cleaning stuff has gained such wide adoption that “Febreze” now usefully server as both a noun and a verb. (“I had to Febreze the heck out of that couch that Nitschky puked all over last night.”) But, until now it seems, the brand didn’t have anything specifically designed for cars.
We clipped the little scent pod on to the front vent of our Dodge Durango Citadel, and turned the fan on, full blast. Sure enough, within seconds we were sniffing the Febreze dream, and after only a minute or so, the whole cabin of the large SUV was filled with “Linen & Sky” smells.
The scent was strong at first but not overly cloying (it smelled a bit more like Fruit Punch than Linen to us, but what do we know). What’s more, when we moved the small dial on the back of the pod, the odor breeze slowed to just a whisper within 30 seconds or so. The clip was simple to take on and off, too, with no adhesives to worry about.
The Febreze Car Vent Clip will run about $3 at your local retailer, or $5.49 for a two-pack. It will not, however, come complete with an RC Mini Cooper, and some weird kind of racing game (!) like ours did. Obviously the Febreze marketing folks are trying to draw a bright line to “cars” with this direct-mail package of delight, and we’re all in favor. We’re supposed to be setting up a sort of obstacle course with the little “bad smell” pylons, but we’re far too busy making sweet jumps for the Mini to play that game.
Also, not exactly sure what’s with the “Breathe Happü” (that umlaut is more like a smiley face on the real deal) sticker on the Mini, but hey, free RC car!  
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