Car Stuff: Drop Stop

By James Bradbury

October 21, 2011

Car Stuff is a mini review feature, where we test out cool, interesting, strange, or even borderline-insane products that are aimed at drivers of all stripes. Have you seen or heard of a product that you’d like us to sample? Feel free to drop us a line at with a link, description, or press release of the Car Stuff in question, and we’ll let rip.

The Drop Stop is a neoprene baton that slots between your driver’s seat and center console. Its purpose is simple; prevent stuff from falling under the seat. The story of its inception is chronicled in the hilarious infomercial below.
The Drop Stop website claims you can put it in your car and “FUGAPABOUTIT.” (A term the company actually felt the need to trademark, along with “Carmuda Triangle.”) Despite the fact that we don’t really know what it means, we decided to see how easy it is to “FUGAPABOUTIT” by testing the Drop Stop out ourselves.
The Drop Stop works exactly as advertised most of the time, but in cars with center consoles below seat level it’s not as effective. When we tested it out in our 2012 Chevy Sonic most of the spare change fell underneath the passenger seat, but it still prevented our phones and wallets from falling out of reach. We only had one Drop Stop to test, but they ship in pairs. Unless you intend to share them our problems in the Chevy shouldn’t matter much. Tests in a handy 2004 Toyota Matrix confirm that for cars with center consoles at or above seat level, just one Drop Stop is sufficient.
You can buy a Drop Stop at For $19.99 you get two Drop Stops, a slide free pad, and an LED credit card light. We think it’s a good option for drivers with especially loose pockets, delicate cell phones, and/or the fastidiously tidy.