Best Low-Cost & Entry-Level Helmet: The Bell Sport And Sport EV

By Winding Road Staff

June 06, 2019

We find that the sweet spot for a well-made, comfortable, entry-level helmet is right around $400-$450. In this range, weight drops significantly over lower-cost competitors, interior quality improves, as do the helmets materials. The Bell Racing Sport and Sport EV are right there and have a lot to offer for their prices.

The Sport incorporates classic Bell design styling, a standard size eye opening, comfortable interior fit and a lightweight composite shell. It offers closed face protection, a wide range of features, and great ventilation, which makes it a perfect choice for racers on a budget or enthusiasts just entering the sport. Customers who’ve tried on and bought the Sport have commented about the comfortable interior and breathability. Plus, comparing the weight of the Sport with a less-expensive option with one’s hands usually leads to a reaction similar to “oh yes, it is noticeably lighter!” The Sport also comes in bright orange (intended for boat racing); talk about a great, inexpensive way to stand out at the track!

For autocrossers, HPDE/TT drivers who are maybe unsure of going full-face, folks wanting a more glasses-friendly options, or just prefer a very large eye port, the Bell Sport EV is it’s slightly-higher-priced brother. We think it kind of resembles vintage Bell helmets, too; if you’re inclined to buy one and wrap or paint it to look as such, expect a thumbs-up from us.

Both helmets, while there are some small differences between them in where the vents are placed, do a great job of venting heat and not fogging up. Racers can’t go wrong with either; these are great helmets that check off a lot of boxes for their prices.