A Better Big Brake Kit

By Luciana D'Andretta

June 09, 2017

In today’s video review, WRR Race Services Manager, Juliann Pokorny, talks about the Neo Motorsport Big Brake Kit installation on her BMW E46 wagon:

Juliann drives a BMW E46 station wagon – specifically a BMW M3 drivetrain in a station wagon chassis, making it heavier than a standard coupe. Looking for more braking power, Juliann turned to the Neo Motorsport F400 and R400 calipers, and has been testing it for over a year.

While Neo Motorsport provides big brake kits strictly for racing, the combination installed on Juliann’s E46 allows for both road and racing use, giving drivers flexibility.

Highlights of Neo Motorsport Big Brake Kits:

  • Durability: A lot of big brake kits have cast-aluminum calipers. Neo Motorsport uses calipers forged from solid aluminum alloy billet with titanium pistons giving much more performance and durability.
  • Flexibility: The big brake kit allows drivers to quickly change out their stock street pads when bringing their daily driver to the track.
  • Price: Neo Motorsport big brake kits are available at the fraction of the cost of other kits on the market.
  • Longevity: Testing this big brake kit for close to two years, there hasn’t been a need to replace a set of rotors or pads, adding additional savings value to the kits.
  • Mix and Match: choose any color combination and finish for the rotor hat and the caliper.

Winding Road Racing’s expert technicians will help drivers choose the proper caliper, rotor, fitment and color combination for optimal car performance.

Find Neo Motorsport Big Brake Kits online at WindingRoadRacing.com, or call WRR at 512-994-0656.