WR TV: 2016 Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 Spyder

By Bradley Iger

February 18, 2016

Images: Lamborghini
It’s difficult to overstate what a sales success the Huracán has been for Lamborghini. To put it in perspective, the automaker sold just over 14,000 examples of its predecessor, the Gallardo, in total – a figure that exceeded all other Lamborghini models sold in the company’s history combined. In the Gallardo’s first 16 months on sale, Lamborghini sold 1751 examples of the car. In the same amount of time, the company has sold more than 3200 Huracáns since its debut in 2014, or nearly double the amount of its historically well-received predecessor.
This success has given Lamborghini the ability to swiftly move through the development of the two subsequent variants that the company already had in mind when developing the Huracán LP 610-4 coupe – the rear-wheel-drive LP 580-2 and this model, the LP 610-4 Spyder.
Convertibles are often referred to as “lifestyle” models in industry parlance. It’s a nice of saying that these are variants which forfeit some performance substance in the name of bolstered style. Cutting the top off of a vehicle has some inherent performance drawbacks, and chief among them is a loss of rigidity because the roof is no longer acting as a piece of the car’s structural equation.
To address this, automakers put additional support in the chassis of the car to restore the rigidity lost. This, along with the mechanicals required for soft top’s automated operation, equates to additional weight – some 250 pounds of it in the Huracán Spyder.
And while that means the Spyder is half a breath slower than its hardtop counterpart, from behind the wheel the experience is no less exciting – especially when the wind is rushing by as you open up the taps and let the 5.2-liter V10 sing.

Let’s take it for a spin: 

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