Winding Road's Homepage Is New!

By Winding Road Staff

June 04, 2012

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve shaken things up here on the home page for Winding Road. The new format has been designed to put the things that matter most to you front and center.
First and foremost, you'll see that we've opened up a space to see all of the new stuff that's being posted on Winding Road Showroom. In the process we've shifted the rest of the homepage around, so that reviews are easier to find, as well as giving you direct and simple access to the latest issue of the monthly digital magazine.
Winding Road Homepage Image
Winding Road Showroom
Perhaps you’ve heard us talk about this one? The Winding Road Showroom is the place to buy and sell the sorts of things auto enthusiasts seek out so often. It’s also a great spot to advertise for your car-related business. We’ve placed the Showroom section on the left-hand-side of the page.
This column will continually list the newest items posted to Showroom, live as they go up. If you click on an item, you'll be taken directly to its dedicated page in the Showroom, where you can plop down your hard-earned dollars in a safe-and-secure online transaction.
There’s also a direct link at the top of the list that’ll allow you to jump right in to our powerful Showroom listing engine to sell your own stuff, or buy some really simple advertising for your business.
Winding Road Homepage Image
Center Stack
We’ve reshuffled the center stack of our homepage, to make it easy to see the newest Review content at a glance. This way, when you arrive at, you’ll be eye-to-eye with all of the latest Driven, Quick Drive, Video, Comfort/Involvement Index, and other review-oriented content we produce on a daily basis.
The Originals section, home to Blog posts, Chris Smith’s Secondhand Gems and Flip This Car, Tom Martin’s Greenformance, Lists, and the weekly Hot List remain in the middle of the central stack. News content sits towards the bottom, still easily accessible and updated often.
Winding Road Homepage Image
Winding Road Digital Magazine
Our Magazine section has been moved to the right of the page. Clicking on it will still take you directly to the latest issue of our award-winning digital monthly magazine.