What’s The Inside Of A Tire Look Like Under Load?

By Peter Nelson

July 31, 2020


It’s pretty cool when we can get a glimpse of something that at first might seem a little mundane, but is actually quite fascinating, especially when it comes to a never-before-seen perspective of a car’s components.


Today, YouTube Channel/Chicago Party Dad Warped Perception posted a video where he put a GoPro inside of his AMG Mercedes’ front tire and went for a drive. Warped Perception is known for creating a lot of content like this, such as his high-view-count video of the inside of a rotary engine. Research and development engineers may have put cameras in tires in the past, but this might be the first time the general public got a glimpse of what this looks like, and it’s pretty cool! It’s especially cool seeing what the tire looks like under load during cornering, and while getting mounted.


We’d love to see what it would look like while doing a burnout or while on track, though the latter might not be so easy due to the massive imbalance in the wheel. Still, its fun to think about.


Check it out!