Want To Drive A 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport? The Car Connection Has A Contest For You!

By Steven J. Ewing

December 09, 2009

In the realm of Greenformance (eco friendly + fun to drive) vehicles, the all-electric Tesla Roadster might be our first place choice. It's a Lotus-chasing, battery-powererd beast, and only a small handful of the world's population will ever have the chance to drive one. But if you have a knack for writing and are willing to test your skills for a chance to drive a Tesla (the new Roadster Sport, to be precise), our friends at The Car Connection have quite an offer for you.

TCC's latest writing contest will give one lucky winner the chance to be flown out to San Francisco to not only meet and interview various members of the Tesla staff, but to take a 2010 Roadster Sport out for a full test drive. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us.

Open up a fresh Word document and head over to The Car Connection's contest page for the full details. The deadline for all entries is December 31st.

The Car Connection