Video: The McLaren P1 Roars Mightily

By John Beltz Snyder

January 29, 2013

McLaren put up this video on their YouTube channel showing a camouflaged McLaren P1 doing some high-speed testing as it gets closer to production.
It’s got quite a shape to it, definitely exuding an exotic feel. The big, mean, deployable wing is as much sculpture as it is functional. The doors look great in silhouette, and even the lighting elements are hauntingly intimidating in this official video.
In motion, it’s even fiercer, with a sonorous and racy howl, and flames licking out the rear exhaust. It looks pretty planted as it maneuvers between corners.
We’re still awaiting powertrain and other details, but we should get some more information at the Geneva Motor Show in March.
McLaren has our full attention.
See the video, below.