Video: Laraki Epitome

By John Beltz Snyder

August 27, 2013

One recent surprise debut was that of the Laraki Epitome at Pebble Beach.
While the company hasn’t released its own photos if the supercar, we know a few things about it. Autoblog was on hand at the debut, and reports the Laraki Epitome boasts an astounding 1750 horsepower from its Chevrolet-sourced 7.0-liter V-8. In a car that weighs just 2800 pounds, we can’t really imagine how fast it must be.
Also pretty stunning is the Epitome’s price. At $2,000,000, this car is well out of most buyers’ reach.
We’re hoping Laraki will dish more details about this car and any other plans the company has soon.
Click here for more information, or see the car in detail in the video below, courtesy of YouTube user BrianZuk.