Video: Hennessey HPE600 C7 Hits 200MPH On Texas Highway

By Bradley Iger

December 17, 2013

Despite his company's checkered past, there's no denying that John Hennessey and his company, Hennessey Performance, build some very quick road cars. Fortunately for John, his job seems to be getting easier, as the manufactures are now putting out factory sports cars with stock performance that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. 

The new C7 Corvette is just such a vehicle. With nothing more than an ECU tune and a small nitrous kit, Hennessey was able to push the Stingray past 200MPH on a closed stretch of Texas Toll Road as the highway patrol looked on from their modified SRT Challenger.
Aside from being the first C7 to officially break the 200MPH barrier, the test gave the Texas DOT the opportunity to test their new RFID toll collection system on the as-yet unopened swath of tarmac.