Video: Federico Liber With Intense Speed In Italian Hillclimb

By John Beltz Snyder

October 17, 2013

What a video!
Here, we see Federico Liber winning 2013 Cividale Castelmonte hillclimb in Italy, according to Jalopnik, in a motorcycle-engined Gloria C8F. The sensation of speed is nearly overwhelming, even on this side of the computer screen.
The video starts with a few minutes of intense anticipation as other cars take off up the hill. We see who appears to be Liber’s wife and fellow race driver Daniela Ronconi turning the camera on and wiping debris from his tires as he works his way up to the starting line. Skip ahead to 3:18 in the video if you want to dive right into the action, but those anxious pre-race moments only add to the drama.
Then, Liber rockets up the hill at incredible speed and with such great control over the car. The surroundings are a blur as he pilots the car up the hillside.
Eventually, Liber passes another car, and comes across marshals waving yellow flags for another competitor stalled in the roadway. Nevertheless, Liber carries speed and manages the fastest time.
Then after crossing the finish line, Liber stretches out his right hand, and drives past a long line of amazing racecars as he goes to park his own.
Enjoy the video below. It’s a good one.