Video: Artist Turns Hummer Into Stagecoach

By John Beltz Snyder

March 17, 2010

Have you ever wondered what would become of all the gas-guzzling SUVs if the world ran out of dinosaur juice, and could no longer make gasoline? Admittedly, we have fantasized about this, as well as our future careers in stagecoach journalism. Now, artist Jeremy Dean has given us a glimpse into this alternate universe with his Hummer H2-based carriage, called “Futurama.”

The converted H2, which made its debut last week in New York City’s Central Park, was drawn by two horses, Duke and Diesel. Complete with chrome, LED lighting, and a custom audio/video system, Futurama is lavish, executive stagecoach perfect for toting former oil barons around town post-oil-crisis.

Have a look at Dean's motive work of art in the video below, courtesy of Creative Thriftshop.