Trailer: Fast And Furious 6 Is An Explosionfest

By Brandon Turkus

February 05, 2013

Little known fact: the team at Winding Road are a pretty solid bunch of film buffs. We enjoy serious films, stuff by Akira Kurosawa, Oliver Stone, or Francis Ford Coppola. We’d be lying, though, if we said we didn’t enjoy the occasional ridiculous, popcorn flick. You know, the kind of stuff that snobs like Roger Ebert and Leonard Maltin routinely pan. Stuff like The Fast And The Furious franchise.
So, if like us, you were watching the Super Bowl commercials and started screaming “FXX! STI ON TWO WHEELS! MARK 1 ESCORT! TANK!” as these various vehicles appeared on the screen, then you’ll know that a new entry in The Fast And The Furious franchise is upon us. Also, your family and friends might think you’re nuts (ours did).
Judging by the one-minute trailer, the latest F&F looks absolutely ridiculous. Par for the course, we guess. Regardless, it should be entertaining, and it has Jordana Brewster in it. It also stars series regulars Vin Diesel and Paul Walker. Take a look at the trailer. Fast And Furious 6 will drift (while on fire and defying the laws of physics) into theaters on May 24, 2013. 
UPDATE: A longer "extended first look" just popped up on YouTube. We've attached it below. Enjoy!