Toyota To Show GT86 Convertible In Geneva, Whet Appetites

By Brandon Turkus

February 01, 2013

The Geneva Motor Show is one of the most exciting on the auto show circuit, namely because its one of the few shows that nearly every global automaker attends. Not only does that make it a huge show overall, but it also means the debuts are equally big, as the various OEMs try to one-up each other.
Toyota’s game of one-upmanship goes something like this: take a GT86, the nimble, light, and fun-to-drive coupe, whose American cousin was one of our top cars, and remove the roof. Then place on a plinth and gauge critical and public reaction.
Really, a GT86/FR-S Convertible is a logical step for Toyota. It takes the sporty coupe from a fringe competitor for the Mazda MX-5 and makes it a direct challenger. While we love the lithe Miata, it’s held sole control of its segment for far too long. We’re sure a bit of competition in the affordable roadster market will be good for all parties involved.
There’s not much to go on besides the sketch that you see above. We don’t know whether the Toyota will use a canvas roof or a folding hardtop (we’re hoping for the former, to keep weight down), or what other changes the additional bulk of a convertible roof and its associated structural tweaks will bring to the GT86/FR-S.
What we do know is that Toyota will base production of this car largely on the public reaction it receives at Geneva. Anyone want to join us in starting a letter-writing campaign?