Tokyo 2013: Subaru Cross Sport Design Concept

By Bradley Iger

November 20, 2013

Perhaps as a consolation prize to those mourning the loss of the wagon variant in the WRX, Subaru brought several hatch-equipped concepts to Tokyo this year, including this rather striking, shooting brake-styled Cross Sport Design Concept. 

Resembling something of a butched up BRZ, the Cross Sport Design Concept represents what Subaru envisions as the next big trend: Performance-oriented cross over SUVs, like the just-announced Porsche Macan. Seeking to remerge sport and utility as not mutually exclusive endeavors, the Cross Sport Concept weighs just 2756 pounds and is powered by a boxer motor of unspecified configuration sending power to all four wheels.
While there's no word from Subaru on whether the Cross Sport will find its way into showrooms, aside from a few concept-geared bits and pieces, the current concept does not seem far from production ready.