Three Ways To Celebrate Kimi's USGP Victory

By Winding Road Staff

October 24, 2018

We were happy to see Kimi Raikkonen get his first win since 2013, partially because he's a good driver, partially because he has given racers a quote -- "Leave me alone, I know what I'm doing" -- that is right up there with "The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat", and partially because we knew we'd get a post-race interview, and well, you know Kimi is one of the most awesome interviewees in the history of sports.

Study The Mind Of A Champion

We suggest you start your mid-week Kimi celebration by channeling the Kimi groove with the opening segment of Martin Brundle's post-race interview with Kimi:

Brundle: "Kimi Raikkonen, you've made a lot of Formula 1 fans around the world very, very happy today; maybe not quite as happy as you are."

Kimi: "Who knows? Maybe they are happier."

(And, he might be right, judging by the Finnish broadcaster's reaction as he finishes the race: Click Here )

Kimi continues with his basic philosophical theme in the post-race interview:

Study The Art Of The Start

Then re-watch the start of the race, where Kimi gets the job done (with the aid of ultrasofts): Click Here

Study Kimi's Book

Ever look at Kimi's car and wonder what "Mission Winnow" is? Well, that's a convoluted campaign by Phillip Morris to promote e-cigarettes legally. But, the Phillip Morris PR folks also have a sense of humor, so they wrote and gave away a book of Kimi's Haiku poems. Jalopnik covers it well, with added Kimi material: Click Here

You can also Google "Winnow Your Words" to see more of the racing community's commentary on the book, with samples of the poems, if you missed this a few weeks ago.