The Best Road Racing Helmets

By Winding Road Staff

June 22, 2016

As an update to our Helmet Buyer’s Guide and 10 Best Racing Helmets, here’s a look at our top Snell SA2015 rated auto racing helmet picks based on various criteria. There’s something for just about everyone here, ranging from excellent entry-level options to our favorite zero-compromise choice. Got questions? Contact us here and we’ll be happy to help you find the helmet that’s right for you.

Best OverallStilo ST5 Zero ($4,995.00)
The Stilo pretty much has it all. It is the lightest helmet we sell. It offers integrated communications, with either earbuds or speakers. We can integrate a hydration system. The carbon layup is beautiful and the helmet has Stilo's distinctive design. Most people find it comfortable, though no helmet works for everyone. See all Stilo helmets.
High-end ComfortArai GP6-RC ($3,995.95)
This is Sebastian Vettel's helmet, so Arai must be doing something right. And that something is creating a light carbon helmet that is as comfortable as they come for the average mid-oval head. We can integrate communications into the GP6-RC. See all Arai helmets.
Best Under $2kStilo ST5 GT Carbon Fiber ($1,915.00)
The same things we like about the Stilo ST5 Zero apply to the ST5 GT Carbon, but with a little more weight (about 0.3 lb.). If you are doing races under an hour in length or you run in lower power cars, the weight difference probably won't be noticeable. See all Stilo helmets.
Best Features for Under $1kStilo ST5 GT Composite ($912.00)
We know we sound like Stilo fanboys, but there is a reason. The features of this helmet make it ideal for all sorts of uses. If you're running a radio, this one will hookup more cleanly than almost any other. If you do enduros, the hydration setup is a dream come true. And, for the weight, the price is pretty reasonable. Oh, and we like the silver paint job, too. See all Stilo helmets.
Black Armor Circuit Pro Composite Helmet
Best Entry Level: Black Armor Circuit Pro 2 Composite ($399)
The Circuit Pro 2 Composite is a remarkable value. The helmet fits a lot of head shapes and the weight isn't too high. The padding is hyper-adjustable for comfort. Modules can be added for integrated communications and hydration. Different tinted shields are available at half the cost of competitive brands. If you know someone just getting into racing, this is a great choice for HPDE, Chumpcar or LeMons racing. Available in silver or white. See all Black Armor helmets.
Best Affordable Carbon FiberBlack Armor Circuit Pro 2 Carbon Fiber Helmet or Black Armor Aero Pro 2 Carbon Fiber Helmet ($599.00)
Black Armor takes the great features of the Circuit Pro 2 (hyper-adjustable pads and modular comms/hydration) into the world of carbon fiber with these helmets. And Black Armor offers designs for closed and open cockpit cars, take your pick. Not the lightest helmet, but acceptable for most sprint racing applications. See all Black Armor helmets.

Comfortable ValueSimpson Devil Ray ($839.95)
The Devil Ray has a unique design that makes it surprisingly comfortable according to a lot of drivers we've worked with. You'll either love or hate the look. See all Simpson helmets.
Black Armor Circuit Pro 2 Composite Helmet
Least Expensive to Add Aftermarket Communications: Black Armor Circuit Pro 2 Composite Helmet ($399)
We think the use of a radio system is pretty much mandatory for wheel-wheel racing. If that's what you are up to, and you're on a budget (who isn't?), then this Black Armor is the lowest cost way to get integrated communications without voiding the warranty or landing in racer's tape hell. See all Black Armor helmets

Best Mid-Oval Head Shape HelmetArai GP6-PED ($1,689.95)
Many people find Arai helmets to be the most comfortable and that comfort is the most important feature. If that's your m. o., then the GP6-PED should be on your short list. We can integrate communications into the GP6-PED. See all Arai helmets.
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