Tally Up 21 Seasons of Top Gear Automotive Mayhem With One Handy Infographic

By Winding Road Staff

February 19, 2015

With over 350 million viewers in more than 170 countries, Top Gear is one of the most popular TV shows… in the world. The interplay between Clarkson, Hammond and May, their access to the most coveted vehicles ever built and equally desirable places to put them through their paces, and the freedom afforded to them by the hefty episode budgets that allow the crew to put their outlandish ideas into motion have made the series a massive hit amongst car lovers across the globe. 
One of the perks of that substantial budget is the ability to wreck vehicles whenever they see fit. And over the years they've trashed quite a few of them. But how? Why? Where? When? All of this and much more has been compiled by the folks at Defensive Driving into for your perusal. Scroll through this cool infographic below and see if you can recall all the highlights included here: