Super Bowl Ads: VW Returns To A Galaxy Far, Far Away

By Brandon Turkus

February 01, 2012

Volkswagen, who’s The Force ad has seen almost 50 million views since its debut before last year’s Super Bowl, has released the highly anticipated follow-up, set to air during the second quarter of Sunday’s Super Bowl. Called The Dog Strikes Back, this is the extended, 75-second version, while a shorter spot will air during the game.
The ad stars a portly dog, attempting to lose weight and chase down the new Volkswagen Beetle. The twist comes at the end though, where some patrons in a cantina far, far away react to the spot, angering a certain Star Wars celebrity.
With The Force and The Dog Strikes Back, VW is closing in on a clever trilogy of ads. Might we recommend Return Of The Jetta for next year?
The Dog Strikes Back