Super Bowl Ads: Toyota Reinvents Everything

By Brandon Turkus

January 31, 2012

In this hysterical spot, Toyota highlights the reinvented Camry, while imagining a world where everything is reinvented. Couches made of bikini-clad girls (or speedo-clad men if that’s your leaning), babies that don’t defecate but time travel instead, rain that makes you lose weight, and curtains made of pizza are a just a few of the wacky reinventions that are imagined.
The It's Reinvented spot that will air during the Super Bowl is only 30 seconds (we’ve embedded the extended, 60 second spot), and is one of two ads that Toyota will be brining to the big game. These two ads mark Toyota’s return to Super Bowl advertising after a three-year break.
It's Reinvented