Super Bowl Ads: Kia Puts Adriana Lima In A Bathing Suit, Mötley Crüe On Stage

By Brandon Turkus

February 02, 2012

This is an ad we can get behind, and not just because Adriana Lima is in a swimsuit. Kia enlists Mister Sandman to sprinkle some dreams on a happily sleeping couple. The wife dreams of riding through the countryside on a white horse with her Prince Charming at the reins. The husband’s dream is altogether more awesome, due to the slightly clumsy Sandman using a bit too much of his magic dust.
Dropped in the seat of a Kia Optima at a race track, our male friend has a good time. Adriana Lima waves a checkered flag while looking on adoringly, while Mötley Crüe is performing on an infield stage. UFC fighter Chuck Liddel kicks some poor sod so hard his face bursts into flames, while a pair of lumberjacks attempt to saw a truly heroic-looking Hero sandwhich in half. There are also lots and lots of fireworks. Apparently too much magic sand will induce an acid trip.
The spot is called Drive The Dream. The 60-second spot is Kia’s third Super Bowl ad, and will air during the fourth quarter of Sunday’s Super Bowl. Kia also released a five-hour-long video of Adriana Lima waving that checkered flag in slow motion, which we’ve posted below. Enjoy!
Drive The Dream