Super Bowl Ads: Audi Turns On The Lights

By Brandon Turkus

January 30, 2012

Frankly, we’re pretty sick of vampires. Between Twilight, the Vampire Diaries, and True Blood, we’ve seen enough of the nocturnal blood-suckers to last us several lifetimes. That’s part of the reason we like Audi’s take on the whole vampire trend.
Featuring the upcoming Audi S7 and its full LED headlights, a certain blood sucker’s arrival at a party with a fresh case of O-positive for his friends doesn’t go as planned. We’ll let you check out the spot below.
Overall, this spot isn't quite as exciting or funny as past Audi ads (Jason Statham’s 2009 spot and the 2008 Godfather/R8 bit remain our favorites), but it’s a strong showing from a perennial Super Bowl advertiser. This ad will air during the first quarter of Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVI.