Spy Shots: Porsche Boxster In Testing

By John Beltz Snyder

April 21, 2010

These spy photos of the Porsche Boxster may not reveal much, but they’re fun to see, nonetheless.

The word of the day at the Nürburgring seems to be “diffuser.” We’ve seen updates in this area on the Audi and Aston Martin spy shots we already posted, and here it is again on the Boxster.

Have a look in the gallery. The photographer’s comments follow.

It’s been a while since we seen the Boxster last time, except for the winter where there had been no changes. Now the Boxster is back on the Nürburgring and we notice that there have been some smaller changes to the prototypes so we decided to show you some photos. The main shape is more of an evolution of the current version, and most of the other parts are still camouflaged even if less camouflaged. For the first time we can see what seems to be the finished rear diffuser. We will keep an eye on the development as it proceeds and supply you with the newest photos.