Spy Shots: Mercedes-Benz B-Class Photos, With Interior Shots

By John Beltz Snyder

August 02, 2010

Today, our spy photographer sent over some fresh photos of the new Mercedes-Benz B-Class, and he even managed to snap a couple pics of the inside of the car, too.

Rolling on a new platform (which it formerly shared with the A-Class), it is rumored to have a potential showing in the US market. The exterior is still wearing the same amount of camo as last time we saw it, but the interior shots shows a couple changes in the layout. The placement of the multimedia system has moved up a bit, and the gear selector has moved from the center column to the gear selector.

Scroll down for some more details from the photographer.

It was a while ago since we last showed you the new Mercedes B Class but now it’s time again. Not that it is showing so much more than before on the outside, but for the first time we can now show you some good interior photos as well. On the interior photos we can clearly see that the display for the radio and navigation has moved up a bit on the dashboard as well as it seems that the gearstick for the automatic gearbox comes with a steering column gear selector rather than a gearstick in the center console. That will offer more possibilities for storage in the center console. Maybe it’s also a way to make the B Class more attractive in the US since we heard some rumors about that Mercedes will offer this new generation on the US market.

Outside it’s still very camouflaged, but expect most of the design to be taken over from the BlueZero concept car showed in Detroit 2009.