Spy Shots: Audi R8 Clubsport Looks Mean

By John Beltz Snyder

April 21, 2010

Can’t beat that matte black finish.

If an Audi R8 V10 just isn’t racy enough for you, have a look at these spy photos of the R8 Clubsport. It is fitted with a fixed rear wing, different exhaust, and some special aerodynamic features to help cut through the air and stay planted to the track. Plus, it should be lighter and faster than the regular version, making it more suited for your weekend trips to the road course.

Take a look in the gallery; you’ll be happier for it. Or scroll down for some words from our spy shooter.

We just spotted Audi’s club sport racer the Audi R8 CS. With its big fixed rear wing, big round exhaust pipes, bigger diffuser and re-designed rear bumper (air outlets on the sides) it really sticks out compared to a “normal” R8 V10. Front bumper is also different with its small wings on both sides. Except for a power boost, we expect it to have lost some weight as well to make the CS package complete.