Spy Shot Update: Shooter Finds Evidence In Hyundai Veloster Photos

By John Beltz Snyder

February 23, 2010

Our spy photographer just sent over another picture of the Hyundai Veloster that may prove, as he suspected, that it will have a rear-hinged door for easier access to the rear seat.

The front door is shorter on one side of the vehicle, which suggest the presence of the extra door. Nice work, spy guy!

Have a look for yourself, or scroll down for the shooter’s own words.



As I hinted to you with yesterday’s photos that the Veloster could get a rear-hinged door on one side like the Mini Clubman is proofed on this additional photo showing the other side.

If you look and compare both photos you see that the left hand side door is longer then the door on the right hand side. That would probably mean that there will be an additional door on the right hand side to make the rear seat entry easier.

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