Slightly-Camouflaged RX-8 Spotted At The Nürburgring

By Peter Nelson

July 25, 2019

Video surfaced on Tuesday of a thinly-disguised Mazda RX-8 on track at the Nürburgring. The reason for it being out there is a complete mystery, as it has been out of production for 7 years, and we’re all well aware of what the front bumper looks like under the wrap in the video.



The internet (primarily fellow rotary nerds) is full of commotion with various conspiracy theories and daydreams (perhaps these are one in the same): is Mazda testing their rotary-powered range extending technology? Are they refreshing their memories of the top-level R3 RX-8 as a basis for a new RX-9? Are they dangling rotary activity in fans’ faces to keep our interest in triangle-powered performance piqued? Are they secretly building brand-new R3s in an underground bunker below Mazdaspeed’s headquarters in Irvine, California? OK, the latter is a bit far-fetched and ridiculous, but hey a guy can dream.

Perhaps at the helm of the bees-nest-powered sportscar is a German RX-8 aficionado who digs the look of OEMs’ camouflage wrap. Though, word is it was a manufacturer-exclusive test day. What do you think could be going on behind closed doors at Mazda?

Whatever is afoot, you can count on us to keep an eye out. The 8 is a hoot to drive, and still an ace chassis for SCCA T4, NASA ST/TT, SCCA Solo II STX, HPDE, etc. We also miss hearing them scream down straightaways and spitting flames into corners in Grand Am (GT cars had 1 more rotor than road-going versions, but still):