Rumors: Teaser—Jeep To Unveil Six New Concepts

By Doran Dal Pra

March 22, 2012

The most famous brand in all of off-roading, Jeep, is reportedly set to unveil not one, not two, but six new concepts at this year's Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah, according to a recent post on Carscoop. The Safari—which takes place on March 31 and runs through April 8—pits Jeeps of all kinds against some of Moab's toughest terrain. Participants will test their Jeeps (and their mettle) on epic day-long rides over more than two dozen trails that snake through the off-roading mecca that is Moab.

No word yet on exactly what Jeep will bring to the event, but we do have a few names to go on—the Wrangler Apache, Mighty FC, and the J-12. Jeep has brought concepts to the Safari before and the company's renderings of what will show at this year's event definitely look promising. All the vehicles will be launched when the Safari kicks off on March 31.