Rumors: Teaser—2013 RUF Roadster 911

By Doran Dal Pra

February 15, 2012

In the pantheon of tuning houses, Pfaffenhausen, Germany-based RUF creates “aftermarket” Porsches so bespoke, they essentially become their own unique cars. With the release of the new 991 series Porsche 911, RUF is planning on creating their updated version of the RUF Roadster as a 2013 model, according to a recent report from Road & Track.
The Roadster (last-gen RUF Roadster seen above) harkens back to the Targa-topped Porsches of yesteryear what with its distinct top and large roll hoop. With the new Roadster, we can expect—in classic RUF form—not only visual and aesthetic tweaks, but likely substantial performance enhancements as well. As Porsche releases its likely flood of new 911 variants (Turbos, GT2, GT3, etc.), it’s also likely that RUF will do the same and unleash new Roadster models as well.
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