Rumors: Spy Shots—Refreshed BMW 5-Series GT

By Doran Dal Pra

November 07, 2012

Our comrades over at Autoblog recently posted photos of a 5-Series Gran Turismo out and about sporting a camoflauged front and rear, there likely to hide the details of a recent nip-and-tuck job. This oddball Bimmer was rumored to be headed for the chopping block due to uninspiring sales, but these new photos could speak to the contrary.

We currently don't know what lies beneath the swirled camo, but the changes are likely minor aesthetic ones. The car snapped here is also shod in high performance Pirelli winter tires and new wheels. There have also been rumors of BMW bringing the handome 5-Series Touring station wagon back to the US at some point to replace the 5-Series GT, but those are currently just rumors. Stay tuned for more.