Rumors: Spy Shots—Porsche 918 Spyder Leaked Brochure Images

By Doran Dal Pra

September 19, 2012

For all the talk of rising oil prices, climate change, and collapsing economies, the supercar seems to have emerged from all the doom and gloom relatively unscathed. We continually see manufacturers creating more powerful engines, ever higher levels of performance, and loftier price tags than ever before. The newest piece of evidence that supercars are alive and well is this, the Porsche 918 Spyder.
A recently leaked Porsche brochure on the luxury forum Teamspeed, details the production 918 Spyder and its different configurations. A deep color palette will be available, including two special racing themed liveries (Martini livery FTW!) that pay homage to successful racing Porsches of yore. There will also be a special racing focused "Weissach" package that reduces the car's weight, incorporates six-point harnesses, and adds additional aerodynamic elements.
The final design of the 918 Spyder is absolutely stunning. One of our favorite details are the exhaust pipes that protrude above the engine behind the passenger compartment. Speaking of engine, the 918 Spyder will be powered by a 4.6-liter V-8 that churns out 580 horsepower and spins up to a stratospheric 9000 rpms. In addition, there is an 80-kilowatt electric motor that motivates the car's front wheels and increases total power output to 800 horsepower. Prepare for properly shattering performance figures. Oh, and it will achieve about 78 miles per gallon.
The 918 Spyder will go head-to-head with the next generation Ferrari Enzo, the recently revealed McLaren P1, the insane Pagani Huayra, and others. Clearly, the viability of the supercar is far from dead. Thank goodness.