Rumors: Spy Shots — Audi R8 GT Plus On The Way?

By Brandon Turkus

October 11, 2012

Audi has already unveiled its heavily revised, 2013 R8 to the world. So the existence of this matte blue beauty has us rather confused. This car was spotted by the folks over at Autoblog on the famed Nurburgring, sporting the current R8s nose, along with elements that look to have come from the GT3 racer.
The most obvious distinction is the addition of a vented hood, and extra aerodynamic aids. In particular, the front winglets are interesting due to their similarity to the racing R8. There’s also a healthy rear wing to keep the back end plastered to the ground. Also, let’s not forget that stunning matte blue paint (way to go with the subtlety on this prototype Audi).
Our guess is that this vehicle represents an evolution of the current R8 GT. Audi’s been known to build “Plus” models in the past, with increased levels of performance. We wouldn't be shocked if that's just what we're looking at here. Could an R8 GT Plus arrive to span the gap between the current GT and the full-bore racer? Hopefully we’ll find out soon.