Rumors: Model News—Bugatti Creating Yet Another Ultimate Veyron

By Doran Dal Pra

October 29, 2012

(Photo Credit: geishaboy500)
The world of the hypercar is an interesting place. It's both impressively conscious and willfully ignorant of the volatile world around it. Consider this latest rumor from Automobile as proof of that duality—While FerrariPorsche, and McLaren are working on mind blowing hypercars draped in technology and hybrid powertrains, Bugatti is reportedly bringing an even more powerful Veyron called the SuperVeyron (yes, that's the actual name) to the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.
Unlike other special Veyrons which were usually customized versions of the "base" car, the SuperVeyron will be a unique model like the Veyron Super Sport, only more super. How super? How about 1600 horsepower from a 9.6-liter W-16 engine? The blitz to 60 miles per hour will be quashed in 1.8 seconds, and top speed will reportedly be increased to a scarecely believeable 288 miles per hour. If these rumors are true, Bugatti will have effectively moved their hypercar onto a completely different plane before its rivals even have cars on the road. The SuperVeron's closest threat currently in production, the bonkers Koenigsegg Agera R, "only" makes 1100 horsepower and will hit a yet-to-be-confirmed 270 miles per hour.
The SuperVeyron should incorporate even more carbon fiber in its construction than previous cars, and could weigh as much as 550 pounds lighter than the Veyron Super Sport. And the prices for all this madness? A cool $2.5 million-plus. Well done Bugatti, for changing the game before it has even begun.