Rumors: Industry Report—The Next Range Rover To Move Further Upmarket?

By Doran Dal Pra

April 02, 2012

In the pantheon of luxury SUVs, few vehicles even come close to the on-road presence and exclusivity of the Land Rover Range Rover. The British marquee's top-tier product is the rolling embodiment of luxury and comfort. Now, however, Land Rover feels there is a case for creating an even more exclusive Range Rover model to compete in the "super-luxury" SUV segment according to a new report on Autocar.

Land Rover's previous top-shelf model, the Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate Edition, was a test for the company to see if it could crack into this new market. The success of the Ultimate Edition—which retailed for $170,000—convinced Land Rover that there was sufficient room in the market for an even more exclusive Range Rover variant. This new model (think an ultimate Ultimate edition) will be based on the fourth-generation Range Rover—which is slated to arrive sometime in 2014—and compete with future vehicles from Bentley, Lamborghini, Maserati, and potentially Aston Martin.
There are no details available yet on what this range-topping Range Rover will look like, but it's expected to cost even more than the Ultimate Edition. And, if the rumors are true, the standard 2014 Range Rover, on which the new premium model will be based, should weigh considerably less than the current model and ride on the same chassis as the Jaguar XJ.