Rumors: Industry Report–Subaru BRZ STI Takes Shape

By Doran Dal Pra

March 28, 2012

There is little doubt that the Subaru BRZ can provide some of the biggest front-engine, rear-wheel drive thrills money can buy. And being a simple, lightweight sports car from a company like Subaru–which has racing at the core of its DNA–it was only a matter of time before the wick was turned up and Subaru slapped an STI badge on the BRZ’s backside. A new report out on AutoExpress paints a clearer picture of what the BRZ STI may look like.

Power output from the 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine would likely hit around 250 horsepower and, rather surprisingly given Subaru’s forced induction heritage, that power would be made without the use of turbochargers. Instead, the extra grunt could come from an updated variable valve system, a higher rpm redline, and a freer flowing exhaust. This approach reserves turbocharging for the more powerful WRX models, and maintains the lightweight nature of the BRZ.
Subaru will likely reduce the car's weight by replacing the standard roof and hood with carbon fiber in order to maximize the power increase. The BRZ STI should also benefit from a revised suspension system and visual tweaks that further announce its hardcore nature. There’s no word yet on pricing or when exactly it will arrive, but keep your wallets out and your eyes open because this car is coming.