Rumors: Industry Report–Ferrari’s Faster And Greener Future

By Doran Dal Pra

March 25, 2012

Think of Ferrari, and among the last things that come to mind are fuel economy, emissions, and hybrid systems. Really, the only electrified thing about a Ferrari is its performance. A recent report at Autocar, however, indicates that future Ferraris could use more electric and “green” technology than ever before while maintaining the staggering performance levels we’ve come to expect.
In an interview with AutoCar, one of Ferrari’s top bosses, Amedeo Felisa, confirmed that the company will be rolling out new hybrid technology into future Ferrari road cars, but didn’t give an exact word on when and how it will be implemented. This new technology would not only increase performance, but the efficiency and economy of the cars as well. It’s rumored that Ferrari’s next halo car could utilize an energy recovery system–similar to the KERS system found on Formula 1 cars–along with a V-12 to create over 900 horsepower. The first iteration of this system was seen on the HY-KERS concept (pictured here) that debuted at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show.
Amedeo also said that a KERS-type hybrid system could eventually be incorporated across the entire Ferrari lineup. In addition to electrified systems, Ferrari is also reportedly looking at using more conventional options like six-cylinder engines and turbochargers in future powerplants. Cars with more power and few emissions at the same time? Yes, please.