Racing, a Petri Dish of Data to Fuel the Progress of Self-driving Cars

By Jason Methfessel

September 11, 2018

Cosworth CEO, Hal Reisiger, recently sat down with Automotive News reporter Richard Truett for a quick interview; their conversation covered topics about the future of autonomous vehicles and internal combustion engines, an unlikely pair in most of today’s autonomous vehicle talking circles that seem to maintain focus on EVs.

Truett presents Reisiger with questions such as, “What is the future of the internal combustion engine?” and “Some companies are testing self-driving technology on public roads. But Cosworth is testing in race conditions. Why?” To which Reisiger remarks on the vast amounts of data that is already being collected on the track and how the Cosworth pedigree places them in a position to influence what data is collected and how.

Check out the full interview in Automotive News.