Planning 2017: Run Targa Newfoundland

By Luciana D'Andretta

January 04, 2017

You probably had the thought at some point "wouldn't it be great if the police closed this road and we could just run it wide open?" That's basically Targa Newfoundland, except that the police close 30 amazing roads over the course of a week and you get to run all of them. Targa Newfoundland is an epic event that requires a bit more than normal planning, just because it is far, far away and the event itself is a week-long. But, you can run it with or without a racing license and with or without a race car (different rules apply). Here is a video from one of the in-town stages (there are also countryside stages with higher speeds) to give you a flavor:

We also have details and a photo gallery of how Targa works.