Palatov Motorsport and Sector 111 Announce Lightweight V8 Sportscar

By Bradley Iger

December 09, 2013

Code-named Project Dragon, BAC Mono importer Palatov Motorsport and sportscar tuner Sector 111 are readying an 1800lb, V8 powered sports car to be sold throughout North America.


Derived off the Palatov D2, the new car is being developed to go toe-to-toe with track-day focused cars like the Ariel Atom and KTM X-Bow. The unamed corner carver will sport a 430 horsepower, 50 state emissions-legal V8 of unknown origin. While the details are scarce at this point, the recipe and mission of this new car certainly have our attention.
Check out the press release below for the press release from Palatov and Sector 111.
Sector111 and Palatov Motorsport to Develop a new Light Sports Car
December 2, 2013
Temecula, CA-Sector111, LLC, the industry leader in lightweight sports car market, has partnered with Palatov Motorsport, LLC., to develop a new 1800lb sports car featuring a 430hp, 50 State emissions compliant, V8 engine.
Sector111, will develop an exclusive variant of the D2 sports car engineered by Palatov. The D2 has been developed over the last couple of years along with several other lightweight cars. Sector111 plan to sell their exclusive version, code named Project Dragon, though out North America. Sector111 will also sell and service the complete range of Palatov cars in the Southern California market.
"I am very excited to partner with Palatov," says Shinoo Mapleton, President of Sector111, LLC, "Dennis is a cool guy who has engineered a line of fantastic machines. Our variant will have distinct differences that will appeal to a narrow group of enthusiasts – canyon carvers and track day fanatics. Offering a car that features a smog-legal powertrain is a key step for us to extend our product portfolio which includes the Ariel Atom and BAC Mono."
"Sector111 share our passion for lightweight high performance cars" said Dennis Palatov, founder of Palatov Motorsport. "We are combining Sector111's market knowledge and customers with our expertise in designing and building lightweight cars of unmatched performance, which includes a Pikes Peak Unlimited Class win in 2012".
The new partnership expands the dealer network for Palatov, based in Portland, OR, and adds a vital resource in a critical, sports car-rich region, Southern California.
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