Often Overlooked, The Stories of The Fastest Women Now Told

By Guest Contributor

October 12, 2021


Bonneville’s Women of Land Speed Racing is a must buy…


The untold and eclectic stories of records that were broken but not recorded, of the mothers and daughters who share racing and engineering duties and volunteers who bring the pace to any event, these are Bonneville’s Women of Land Speed Racing.


Louise Ann Noeth’s work is a collection of candid images and stories of women involved in the infamous Land Speed racing and time trials. From the 1920s and beyond this is a truly unique look at the barriers broken on four and two wheels. By featuring key figures, moments and eras Noeth puts decades of work into an exciting and engaging piece.


The most important argument for why this book matters is found in the introduction. For years women were left out of the history books simply for their gender. Now these fast women are celebrated: “From its start in the late 1920s, the sport had always welcomed women to labor in the speed paradise, but they were forbidden for decades to take part in the joy of tripping the time clocks on the salty speedway.” Noeth.


Divided in four parts: Fast Females on Four Wheels, Lady Wranglers of Jet and Rocket-Powered Cars, Women Riders and Unsung Heroes over 300 women’s stories are told including that of the lively 72-year-old, Jan Atkinson. Atkinson made her Bonneville debut in 2012 breaking the record not once, but twice in two years with a 111-mph debut and a 119.752-mph in the 36-horsepower challenge at USFRA World Of Speed event.


The stories of the women whose skills far outweigh their gender, this is the perfect partner to your morning cup of coffee. Easy to read, Bonneville’s Women of Land Speed Racing is the book that will continually make its way to the top of your pile. Purchase here.