New York 2013: Subaru WRX Concept Leaked Ahead Of Official Debut

By John Beltz Snyder

March 26, 2013

These seem to be leaked photos of the next Subaru WRX concept, which could be debuting at the New York International Auto Show this week. It appears somebody broke an embargo, and now these photos (which look to be sourced from Subaru) are circulating on the internet prematurely.
Subaru had already announced it would be introducing an “all-new performance concept car” in New York, and the timing of this leak suggests this is it. As fans of the WRX, we can’t wait to see what direction Subaru is taking this offering.
Check back on, and we’ll be sure to dish all the details as soon as the car gets its official debut (or Subaru gives up some more early details). In the meantime, have a closer look at the car in the photo gallery.

A nice nosejob.


Quad exhaust pipes and a diffuser.


Hot wheels!