More Than A Longitudinal-G-Thing: Tesla Now Offers Factory Performance Upgrades

By Peter Nelson

March 10, 2020


Move over AMG, M, TRD, F-Division, and even N-Division: Tesla has entered the factory performance package game.


After already making a name for themselves with performance add-ons that come in the form of wattage boosts (with uncomfortable levels of acceleration), Tesla will now be entering the handling-and-braking-side of factory performance packages, notably with their new $5,500 “Model 3 Track Package”, according to


We can only imagine this is the reason for all the hullabaloo a few months back, when a Model S was seen mobbing around the Nürburgring (apparently it was a California lemon law Model S), sitting a tad lower, and sporting slightly-smaller wheels and beefier tires.


The Model 3’s Track Package includes better brake fluid (though not DOT 4), high-performance brake pads, and 20” performance wheels. The tires look to be Pilot Sport Cup 2s as well, nice! Tesla’s site also mentions that this wheel and tire setup might affect range, which gave us a light chuckle.


We’re quite curious who they’re contracting with for the fluid and pads. As Teslas become more and more popular for the track, it’ll be interesting to see what the brand offers, as well as the aftermarket. Some aftermarket options are already available. We’re also wondering what Tesla might call a future performance and racing division; Elon (pronounced like “Élan”), T-Division?


Would you consider outfitting your Tesla with such performance equipment? Or, would it make you consider buying one, if you weren’t interested already? Let us know below!