McLaren 12C Spider Makes Its Detroit Debut

By Brandon Turkus

August 30, 2012

We’ve already seen the stunning, hardtop-convertible version of McLaren’s MP4-12C supercar (you can read our first piece on the 12C Spider right here). It’s an impressive looking machine to be sure. Despite having covered it, we simply couldn’t refuse an invite form the British company to get a real-life gander at the 12C, especially as it was a mere 15-minute drive from your author. We even brought Multimedia Editor Chris Amos along for the sole purpose of getting a video walk-around of the car.
The location, the historic Vinsetta Garage on the equally historic Woodward Avenue in the Detroit suburb of Berkley, was an odd place to showcase a bleeding-edge supercar. Fortunately, Vinestta, and Woodward at large, are about as car crazy a place as you’ll find in these 50 states. You see, the Vinsetta Garage was the oldest garage east of the Mississippi, having opened its doors in 1919. During that time, it's been the go-to destination for all manner of vehicular repairs, and has taken a significant role in maintaining the fleet of classic iron that inhabits Woodward Avenue during the summer. The garage itself closed in 2010, but it's been converted into a restaurant of some distinction over the past few years. Woodward itself needs no introduction, hosting the largest one-day car show on this green planet of ours, the Woodward Dream Cruise.
In person, the 12C Spider is a seriously great looking vehicle. The proportions feel just right, and with the top down it appears very natural. There’s no awkwardness in this design. The top lowers in a mere 17 seconds and adds only about 100 pounds to the overall package. Performance is still blistering, with 616 horsepower from a biturbocharged V-8. The 12C Spider will crest the double-century mark in terms of top speed, running out of steam at 204 miles per hour. Be sure to check out the video walk-around below, along with our gallery of images.