Lamborghini Veneno Breaks Cover Ahead Of Geneva (UPDATED)

By Brandon Turkus

March 04, 2013

Take a good, hard look at the Lamborghini Veneno. You’ll probably never, ever see one in person. Why? Lamborghini is only planning on building three, and with a price tag of $4.6 million per car, it’s very unlikely that the Veneno owner’s club will be at your next Cars And Coffee.
Impressive as the powertrain is sure to be (it’s a Lamborghini after all), it’s the Veneno’s looks that have our attention. It is quite possibly the most aggressively styled car we’ve ever seen. It’s both brutal and purposeful, with sharp creases and scoops all over its body. And the most exciting thing is that, despite the Veneno’s exclusivity, its styling should trickle down.
Remember the Lamborghini Reventon from a few years back? That car has influenced every Lamborghini that has left Sant’Agata since 2008. By that logic, future Lamborghinis should receive Veneno-inspired treatments. If the successor to the Gallardo looks even half as aggressive as the Veneno, it’ll be a winner.
As for the engine, well, it’s a V-12. Yeah, not surprising. It’s rumored to displace 6.5 liters and offer up 740 horsepower. Top speed should sit in the realm of 220 miles per hour.
We’ll have more on the Veneno when it makes its official debut at the Geneva Motor Show.
Lamborghini has just unveiled the Veneno. Click here for our complete coverage.
Lamborghini Veneno
We like the Tricolor graphic that's integrated into the car's shape. The fin that runs along the spine and integrates with the rear spoiler is also an interesting, race-derived feature.
Lamborghini Veneno
This view of the Veneno shows off the intricacy of the design work, and  the way the various creases and ducts flow together. The back of the car, around the engine bay, looks almost like it has scales. It's gorgeous.
Lamborghini Veneno
On the surface, the Veneno's interior is far more tame than the exterior. Take a closer look, though, and you'll see there's not shortage of crazy in the cockpit. The covered switches (all four of them) are just ridiculous enough, and there's the obligatory BRB (big red button). The yellow gauges also add some flair to the interior.